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As a multicultural university with one third of students and researchers from abroad, international relations is a daily reality for the Université libre de Bruxelles, just like the city of Brussels itself, one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. The University of Brussels is called the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and located on the city centre on a huge campus. Two associations in Brussels are here to help students. The first one is 1 toit , 2 âges where an old person host students in their house. The second association is called “Infor Jeunes” and they give information about housing and life in Brussels.
University life in Brussels
Things to do
The student area is around the Cemetery, close to the uni where students are partying. You have to taste specialties like the stoemp-saucisse (sausage and mash), try also the cheapest option the “mitraillette” (bread with meat and fries). You have to choose the right beer for the right thing like Kriek or white beer is for a sunny terrace, Pils beer is what you drink during parties, and the Trappist beer is for late evenings.
Student neighbourhoods
Acting cool is ok in Paris but not in Brussels, Brusselers are easy-going people. Lots of students try to live close to the city centre even if prices are expensive, they try to get close to nightlife. In Brussels you cry when you get here, but you cry when you have to go! If you’re walking across the street you can see the double names of the street due to the Dutch and French official languages. Brussels is a safe city. See good tips about life and studies in Brussels thanks to the student blog VBAC in Brussels.
Getting around
It’s very easy to get around in Brussels, you can buy a yearly travel card that includes bus, tram and metro for about 12€/monthly. With 2 airports close to the centre of Brussels via bus or train. For taxi, at night you will pay 4.40€ for the start then it's 1.80€ per km (before 10:00pm, it's 2.40€ for the start).
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