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Student life in Florence

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The university of Florence is centrally located on a huge campus nearby the park named Orto Botanico, all the faculties are together except the letter and philosophy faculty. The central erasmus office is in charge of the central organization, monitoring and coordination of the Erasmus and Erasmus programmes and procedures. In Florence, you have also many business school like the ESE (European School of Economics) or the David School which are on the city centre. The Art institutes are a bit outside of the city.
University life in Florence
Things to do
You have plenty of things to do in Florence like to see Vasari’s corridor, see the free Museo dell’Opificio delle Pietre Dure, see San Miniato al Monte, buy bread from Forno Becagli (Borgo Ognissanti, 13-r). There is a tiny gym on campus. If you are just looking to run, you can jog along the Arno or you can go for a run in Parco delleCascine. For clubers, discothèques are located outside the city center.
Student neighbourhoods
The student neighbourhood is located on the north part of Florence around the unviersity. Student don't really like have an accommodation in the city centre that can't be reached by buses sometimes. The city centre is only for restaurants and shops. Close to their university students avoid buses and can have late wake up. The area Santa Corce regroups a large population of internationals with many bars and clubs.
Getting around
Florence isn't that big so the best way to move in the city is by foot because florentin buses have some strange lines sometimes and you can enjoy the city when you're walking. From the train station, you can go to Sienna or even Bologna. Also Mille e una bici is the city service for bikes that you can take as you want for 12.20€ a year.
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