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In Lisbon, you can find lots of universities but the 3 famous ones are the Universidade Lisboa, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and the Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa. They are not really located on the city centre but a bit out of it. Be carefull if you're gonna study in Portugal, some portuguese bases or lessons can be really usefull because a large part of classes are in portuguese. Also you have a big erasmus comunity in Lisbon. The Erasmus offices plan some weekly events or parties for internationals in the city centre.
University life in Lisbon
Things to do
There are many things to do and visit in Lisbon such as the Belem Tower, the Saint George Castle, you can go also in the Santa Justa Elevator and try the Tram 28! The carnival is a famous event in Lisbon, dates depend on Easter. If you like sport you have the Lisbon Marathon by December. The Super Bock Super Rock, a summer music festival in various central parks, such as both the Parque das Naçoes and the Parque do Tejo.
Student neighbourhoods
In Lisbon, students love shared apartment to enjoy nighlife parties and erasmus events. If you're in Lisbon to improve also your portuguese it can be good to live with natives. Lisbon is a safe city just avoid docks by night except the OpArt Cafe, just next to the Buddhabar. Students have their shared accommodation in the city centre in the nice area called Bairo Alto where they can find many bars, restaurants and shops.
Getting around
Lisbon has 4 main public transportations: Bus (run by Carris, also includes trams, funiculars and the Santa Justa Elevator), Metro, Train and Boat. The "best deal" for a visitor is to buy the Viva Viagem unlimited pass for as many days as required. The cost is 5.50 euros for the first day, and 5.00 euros for each additional day. It is good for all buses, trams and Metro. Here you can check the bus and tram network.
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