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Student life in Marseille

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The University of Aix Marseille is located in both Marseille and Aix en Provence and called AMU (Aix Marseille University). It’s one of the largest university campuses in France with over 10.000 international students. The business school in Marseille is the other campus of KEDGE Business School with their campus in Luminy, a small city located outside the city centre of Marseille. They can help with your accommodation search, give you some good advice about living in Marseille and about the student life in France.
University life in Marseille
Things to do
The student area is located on the famous Canebière (Marseille's main street) which ends at the Old Port on Quai des Belges, the embarkation point for boat trips to the islands in Marseille Bay. In Spetember, go to the Marsatac festival which offers hip-hop, rock and electronic music. Twice a year, around February 10 and October 30 from Notre Dame de la Garde, it is possible to see the sunset over the Pic du Canigou.
Student neighbourhoods
Students generally don’t want to stay in residences; they prefer private accommodation in the city centre of Marseille, where you can enjoy many student events in bars and clubs. It’s easy to find landlords in Marseille because accommodation is available 9 to 12 months a year thanks to the tourism. Marseille is more or less a safe city, but you have to be careful at night, especially if you’re alone, so try to be with friends.
Getting around
The “ferry-boat” immortalized by Marcel Pagnol still runs between the North and South quays. You can take the bus: the monthly pass is less than 30€. If you prefer there are bikes that can be really cool during summer for going to the university. You have 2 metro lines in Marseille but the ticket for 1 hour will cost you 1.70€, the most expensive in France. RTM is the company that manage both metro and bus lines.
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